Lindsey Graham Has AMAZING Suggestion for Hunter Biden Investigation

photo: Gage Skidmore

While the Biden administration continues to push forward with a number of unconvincing investigations into former President Donald Trump’s every breath, a number of prominent Republicans have been voicing their concerns regarding the son of current President, and if his behavior and business ties could be a threat to national security.

Hunter Biden, one of the offspring of Commander in Chief Joe Biden, has long held a reputation of excess and excitability.  Through numerous leaks of his personal data, the nation has come to recognize Hunter as a crack-smoking, prostitute-adoring conduit to international businesses in place like Ukraine and China.

And while the mainstream media tries to bury and obfuscate just about any bad news about the First Son that they come across, there are official probes ongoing still…and Senator Lindsey Graham had a rather reasonable suggestion for one investigation into Hunter Biden.

From a recent appearance on Fox News:

Graham called for the investigation to follow the standard for former President Donald Trump when he was accused of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

“I believe that you should have somebody looking at Hunter Biden other than a Delaware prosecutor,” he said. “We’re having a prosecutor in the guy’s home state. The prosecutor is a fine fellow, but can you imagine what the left would do if I suggested we should not have a special counsel in the Mueller investigation? We had a guy. It worked.”

And then, calling out the media’s censorship regarding Hunter:

“What I am saying is, given all the evidence coming out about Hunter Biden – the laptop is real,” Graham continued. “Every media outlet in the country suppressed the story, including social media. The laptop is real. They said it wasn’t. I want somebody outside of politics, Delaware politics, looking at Hunter Biden like they looked at Trump. That’s not unfair.”

The DOJ’s response to the request will be telling in either case, and could lead to yet another dip in the public’s trust of the suddenly-controversial department.