Lindsey Graham Says GOP ‘Folded’ on Major Legislative Maneuver

In American politics, the very idea of compromise has long been dead.  We are no longer in the presence of elected officials who are working for the people, but rather for themselves, and this means that they need to be publicly and diametrically opposed to any one or any thing that could alienate voters.

And so, when something major is on the docket on Capitol Hill, friction abound.

The latest subject of such sensational bickering was the debt ceiling, with Democrats and Republicans playing a terrifying game of chicken over the course of the last several weeks.

Finally, a solution has arrived, but not everyone is happy about it.

Lindsey Graham, during an appearance on Hannity, lamented the move.

“Well, we screwed up. For two months, we promised our base and the American people that we would not help the Democratic Party raise the debt ceiling so they could spend $3.5 to $5 trillion through reconciliation. At the end of the day, we blinked. Two things have happened: We let our people down, and we made Democrats believe that we are all talk and no action. At the end of the day, every Republican voted against raising the debt ceiling, every Democratic senator voted for it. But we had a process in place. We made a promise, for two months, that we would make them do it without our help and we folded, and I hate that.”

But Graham believed that there would be another chance tot take a stand.

“We’re in a hole; we’ve got to dig out of this hole and we can. We shot ourselves in the foot tonight, but we will revisit this issue in December.”

But, the real question is, do Americans have the stomach for another round of partisan puffery?