Lockdowns are BACK! Major City to Close ENTIRE School System

The media has been telling us for weeks that the COVID crisis is only getting worse…precisely as the medical experts have long predicted would happen come fall.

The reason being that the cooler temperatures would bring Americans back indoors in larger numbers, unable to safely socially distance from one another.  Add the holidays into the mix, and the fact that a great many of our young ones are headed back to school, and there’s a very real chance that we’re cooking up a disaster.

New York City is looking to avoid re-becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and they’re taking drastic action to that end. 

New York City’s schools will move to remote learning only as the city tries to tamp down a growing number of coronavirus cases, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday.

The shuttering of the nation’s largest school system had been anticipated for days after de Blasio told parents on Friday to have a plan in place in case the city decided to close schools for in-person learning, NBC News New York reported. Remote learning will begin Thursday, the mayor said in breaking the news over Twitter.

“We’re in the middle of something really tough right now,” de Blasio said at a press briefing Monday. “We have put health and safety first, and we will put health and safety first.”

The mayor said the city would close classrooms if the citywide positivity rate, or the percent of Covid-19 tests that are positive, hits an average of 3%. That was reached on Wednesday.

The rise in rates has been fairly steady across the country, with a sudden boom in the midwest fueling come of the more concerning clusters in America this week.

But New York’s population density makes it a prime piece of real estate for COVID to flourish in.