LOOK: Harambe Statue Faces Off with Wall Street Bull

The game is changing down on the street, and the folks moving the needle certainly understand that money talks.  It’s the language of the suits down on Wall Street; cash and the never-ending attempts to one-up their colleagues in some flashy-but-not-too-gauche sort of way.

They appreciate the big, lucky machinations of a good marketing campaign as much as the next guy, and it really needs to have some physicality to it.  They’ll never respect the sort of quirky, we-hired-a-unique-face sort of marketing that just so happens to catch the right Tik Tok trends on the right week.

So when Reddit and retail investors decided to troll Wall Street, they knew they needed to bring something heavy.

A statue of Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla whose death sparked international outcry, went face-to-face with the Charging Bull statue in Manhattan Monday.

The seven-foot statue of the silverback gorilla appeared opposite of the Charging Bull in Bowling Green Park.

In addition to the Harambe statue, 10,000 bananas surrounded the iconic bull statue to illustrate how “bananas” Wall Street has become and show the disparity in wealth between the 1% and everyone else.

The bananas will be distributed to local food shelves across the New York area.

The symbolism comes from Reddit’s Wall Street Bets community, who’ve not only considered themselves a bit of a nemesis to the usual media crowd surrounding the stock market, but who’ve also described themselves as “apes” in an attempt at self-deprecating humor.