Maddow Comments On Iowa

Former President Donald Trump has won the first electoral event of the 2024 presidential race, Iowa’s Republican caucus, according to NBC News projections. Not even 30 minutes into the coverage, MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow was already throwing out conspiracy theories and fear-mongering about the prospect of Trump being convicted. She also continued to insist on referring to Republicans as a dirty word, showing her blatant bias against the party.

Maddow expressed shock and disbelief that a whopping two-thirds of Republicans in Iowa still believe Trump is qualified to be president even if he is convicted of felonies. She even threw out the suggestion that maybe Trump should be removed from running as a candidate, echoing the rhetoric of the far-left. It seems Maddow has not learned her lesson from the past when she confidently predicted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation would bring down Trump.


Maddow then went on to make a big deal about the fact that a third of Iowa caucus goers do not believe Trump should be president if he is convicted, even though he is polling far ahead in the state. She even went so far as to whisper that Trump would be convicted, showing her complete lack of objectivity and professionalism as a news anchor.

Guest host Steve Kornacki tried to interject with some actual analysis and data, but Maddow kept interrupting with her stage whispers and conspiracy theories. Even fellow MSNBC host Chris Hayes had to call her out on her absurd behavior.

In summary, Maddow once again continued her tradition of fear-mongering and partisan attacks, showing that she is incapable of reporting fair and balanced news. Her colleagues could barely contain their laughter at her antics, giving new meaning to the term “fake news.” Hopefully, Maddow will eventually learn to do her job properly and not let her personal biases cloud her judgment. But for now, it seems MSNBC’s coverage of the Iowa caucuses will be more like a comedy show than a serious news event.