‘Magnet Fishing’ Kid’s Big Catch Has Police on High Alert

In America, there are all sorts of ways that someone can go fishing, each with their own unique potential.

There’s of course your traditional bass fishing, with lures or worms.  There’s deep sea fishing where the boat is as much a part of the action as the angler.  There’s noodling for catfish, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Heck, there’s even magnet fishing, where participants toss high powered magnets into a body of water hoping to pull up something valuable.

This week, a young magnet fisherman reeled in a couple of peculiar items that caught the attention of the authorities.

An 11-year-old Florida boy decided to try out magnet fishing with his grandpa in a canal and discovered two .50-caliber M82A1 Barrett sniper rifles submerged beneath an overpass.

Allen Cadwalader had a five-pound magnet on the end of a rope and tossed it off a bridge off the C-102 Canal on Sunday. Within minutes, he’d struck the first rifle, his grandfather, Duane Smith, told Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

And it gets even more suspicious…

Neither of the weapons were loaded, Smith said. Both had their serial numbers filed off. He said he could tell they were not military weapons because they were not stamped as government property.

He called police, who secured the weapons.

If they had been used in a crime, Smith said, police would likely be able to link them to it quickly – since the high-end guns are expensive and rare.

The guns, which could have cost more than $10,000 each when new, had no barrels either, making it extra difficult for authorities to link them to a potential crime.

Cadwalader’s catch was soon making the rounds online: