Major Airline Faces DISASTER as Vax Mandate Begins

Around the nation, an increasing number of private companies are moving toward mandating vaccines for their employees in a move that could alienate vast numbers of the workforce.

You see, Americans are still not entirely sure about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.  Some state concerns over the long-term efficacy of the relatively new inoculations, while others fear that the speed in which these jabs were developed belies cut corners and potential carelessness.

And so, as corporations continue to attempt to require vaccinations, employees are leaving in droves.

This weekend, Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel nearly a third of all of their flights, blaming staff shortages, among other factors.

Just two days after the Southwest pilots union asked a federal judge to block the company’s vaccine mandate, the airline canceled 1,800 flights this weekend, blaming bad weather.

“Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights this weekend, disrupting the travel plans of thousands of customers and stranding flight crews, blaming the meltdown on a combination of bad weather, air traffic control and its own shortage of available staff,” reported CNBC.

In a note to staff on Sunday, Alan Kasher, executive vice president of daily flight operations, said that the airline “did not anticipate” the series of disruptions that arose over the weekend.

“I know this is incredibly difficult for all of you, and our customers are not happy,” said Kasher.

Southwest attempted to blame air traffic control issues, along with some inclement weather, but that excuse fell apart when the percentage of flights canceled by Southwest was found to be far, far higher than that of any other air carrier.

If you thought the pandemic was bad for air travel, just wait until you see what the vaccine mandate is going to do.