Major Airline Investigating Pilot’s Use of Anti-Biden Phrase on Plane

Politics has invaded¬†everything¬†these days, from NFL and MLB crowds to elementary school board meetings…and everything in between. ¬†Instead of cheering for our favorite teams or discussing our television program theories around the water cooler, we’re getting in heated discussions over the latest nonsense from Congress.

The political invasion of our personal lives even arrived in the airport, with one Southwest pilot now being investigated by his employer over his use of a popular anti-Biden phrase during a recent flight.

Southwest Airlines said Sunday it’s conducting an internal investigation after one of its pilots used a phrase that’s become a stand-in for insulting President Joe Biden during the pilot’s greeting to passengers over the plane’s public address system last week.

The airline announced its investigation after The Associated Press reported the incident in a story about the growing use of the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon,” an aphorism in conservative circles for a vulgarity targeting Mr. Biden.

The pilot’s use of the phrase drew audible gasps from some passengers on the flight from Houston to Albuquerque on Friday. An AP reporter was on the flight.

Southwest was quick to respond.

The airline said in a statement it would “address the situation directly with any Employee involved while continuing to remind all Employees that public expression of personal opinions while on duty is unacceptable.”

“Southwest does not condone Employees sharing their personal political opinions while on the job serving our Customers, and one Employee’s individual perspective should not be interpreted as the viewpoint of Southwest and its collective 54,000 Employees,” the statement said.

Southwest recently made headlines due to their inability to properly staff flights in the wake of the announcement of a vaccine mandate for all employees.