Major Trump Ally Now Cooperating with J6 Committee

It has been readily apparent that the Biden administration is ready, willing, and able to use the full force of the federal government to disparage Donald Trump, and the pressure appears to be too much for some of the former President’s closest colleagues.

What the White House wants is to scare voters away from Donald Trump in 2024 by creating a great deal of noise surrounding him.  They want doubt and worry and wonder, but they don’t want to actually have to charge him with a crime. For Team Biden, it’s all about creating superfluous concern without any of the pesky legal repercussions of bringing yet another case against him and losing….also yet again.

But the threats that can be generated by the DOJ certainly are mighty for Trump’s peers…just ask Mark Meadows.

A number of legal experts and political commentators have highlighted the potential problems for Donald Trump following reports that his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has complied with a subpoena under the Department of Justice (DoJ)’s investigation into January 6.

Meadows handed prosecutors the same documents that were requested via a subpoena also issued to him by the House Select Committee investigating the events leading up to the insurrection, according to CNN.

The handing-over of materials to the January 6 committee is part of the obligations required to comply with the DoJ subpoena, according to CNN.

Meadows is now the highest-ranking Trump official known to have responded to a subpoena as part of the federal investigation into January 6, with experts highlighting possible legal issues this could mean for the former president.

But again, “possible” legal issues are all that the Biden administration seems to be aiming for, having been unable or unwilling to bring any charges against the former President, opting instead for putting on this paltry political show.