Man Confesses to FAKE Murder in Order to Force City to…

When folks from the northern parts of the United States move to the southern parts of the United States, they brings with them a whole lot of anecdotes about snow.

I miss it up there…but I don’t miss the snow!

If I never see another snow shovel in my life…

Don’t buy a northern car…all the salt on the roads.

We get it:  Snow can be extremely annoying and cumbersome.  It’s the sort of curse that simply sucks time away from your day.  You drive slower in it.  You have to prepare more for it when getting dressed.  Heck, you even have special chores that you only have to perform in the wintertime – like the aforementioned shoveling.

Well, one Ukrainian man thought that he had a solution for that very problem.  Instead of digging himself out of a recent snowstorm, he would simply confess to a fake murder so that the police, in the interest of apprehending him, would be forced to clear his driveway.

In the midst of a particularly vicious fight with his stepfather, the man told authorities, his temper got the best of him and he proceeded to stab the senior citizen in the chest multiple times. The unfortunate victim, the homeowner lamented, was now unresponsive on the floor and seemingly dead. Deeply repentant for what he had done, the man asked the operator to dispatch the police so that they could come and arrest him as well as remove his stepfather’s remains.

However, he ‘helpfully’ cautioned them, the road outside his home had yet to be cleared following the recent storm and, therefore, the cops would need to be accompanied by a snowplow in order to ultimately take him into custody. Alas, it would seem that karma quickly got the best of the man as, in the brief window of time between when he placed the call and the police arrived at his home, a plow actually made its way down the street and freed him from his snowbound predicament.

The police issued the man a summons for filing a false police report, for which we can only hope the fine is more costly than that of hiring a snowplow.