Ask around any bar room in America today, and you’re likely to hear any number of ways in which the voters of this nation are disappointed with President Joe Biden, from his unwavering support for Orwellian COVID-19 restrictions to the absolute negligence he and his administration have shown at the southern border.

We can now add another Biden disappointment to that list:  His March Madness bracket that was busted on day number one of the annual NCAA tournament.

In news that will no doubt shock everyone (not really) a prediction made by President Joe Biden did not actually work out.

On Thursday, Biden (or, more likely, the intern charged with making his NCAA bracket) tweeted out his predictions for March Madness. Except, not only did the president’s pick to win the men’s tournament, Arizona, lose to 15-point underdog Princeton in the first-round. But the president also committed the ultimate bracket party foul of posting his picks after the tournament had already begun.

Twitter users began roasting the Commander in Chief almost immediately.

And then came one of the funniest tweets of the week:

Just hours later, Vice President Kamala Harris would find herself being booed by NCAA basketball fans as she attended her alma mater Howard University’s first round loss.