Matt Gaetz Story Gets Even Wilder as New Drug Angle Emerges

Every now and again, a scandal comes to us that is far beyond the pale, with nooks and crannies of salacious information not unlike an English muffin buttered with pure shame.

This week, we got our sensational fix at the expense of Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is under federal investigation on charges that could elevate to the level of “child sex trafficking”, and may even involved the search for a long-missing American service member.

Now, to make matters even worse, Gaetz’s past drug use is now coming into play.

A New York Times report about a Justice Department investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida includes an allegation that the lawmaker took the drug ecstasy before sexual encounters.

The Times report, published Thursday, described several unnamed sources as saying Gaetz had paid women for sex. Two sources told The Times that some of the people involved, including Gaetz, had used ecstasy beforehand.

Gaetz has denied ever paying for sex and has said that all the allegations against him are false.

During his time in Florida’s Legislature, Gaetz advocated requiring recipients of public assistance to pass a drug test.

When the scandal broke earlier in the week, Gaetz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program in an attempt to clear his name, but left the host perplexed. ¬†Tucker later stated that it was one of the most bizarre interviews he had ever conducted, and that there may still be more questions than answers in the case.