Matt Walsh Slams Media Over ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary

In a stunning display of media bias, the groundbreaking documentary “What is a Woman?” has faced a resounding silence from major mainstream publications. Hosted by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, the documentary has garnered millions of views, yet none of the top critics from legacy media outlets have deemed it worthy of review or coverage. This glaring omission only serves to highlight the deep-rooted biases within the mainstream media industry.

In a tweet shared by Walsh, a screenshot of the film’s Rotten Tomato scores reveals the stark contrast between audience and critic ratings. With over 5,000 reviews, the film boasts an impressive 96% approval rating from the general audience. However, a mere six critics have reviewed the documentary, resulting in a score of 83%. What is even more telling is that none of these critics hail from major mainstream publications.

The Daily Wire’s tweet featuring the film has already garnered a staggering 157 million views, further emphasizing the widespread interest and demand for “What is a Woman?” Yet, despite the buzz and related news surrounding the documentary, legacy outlets such as The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, NPR, BuzzFeed News, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, and many more have remained conspicuously silent.

Initially, The Daily Wire had planned to stream the documentary for free on Twitter for 24 hours. However, Twitter’s decision to censor the film under the guise of “misgendering” forced a change in plans. The social media platform labeled the documentary as “hateful conduct” and restricted its visibility. This move drew widespread criticism, prompting Twitter CEO Elon Musk to intervene and acknowledge the mistake shortly before the documentary’s release.

Fortunately, Musk’s intervention resulted in Twitter removing the visibility restrictions on “What is a Woman?” just hours before its release. The documentary was then made available for streaming throughout the entire weekend. It should also be noted that two senior executives at Twitter have resigned or were removed from their positions following the censorship mistake. Musk’s actions aligned with his commitment to free speech and sparked gratitude from The Daily Wire’s Editor Emeritus, Ben Shapiro, who thanked him for ensuring that Twitter remains an open platform.

Shapiro said, “Overnight, visibility limits on the movie have been removed. Elon continues to work to make good on his pledge to keep Twitter an open platform!”