Maxine Waters Gets Cocky, Taunts GOP in Latest Impeachment Statement

I suppose it’s time for the liberal left to get their licks in, with only a little more than 24 hours until the impeachment trial begins in the Senate.

That higher chamber of Congress, with its strong Republican majority, should be able to process the articles of impeachment sent by the House in no time at all.  Even Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to think so, having indicated on several occasions previously that the President would be acquitted “swiftly”.

As such, Democrats aren’t pulling any extra punches this week, taking cheap shots galore at their Republican colleagues.

House Rep. Maxine Waters certainly didn’t miss her opportunity to get a diss in.

From a recent appearance on MSNBC:

[Show host] Witt said, “If the Senate agrees to call witnesses, including some of the Democrats, want to hear from, John Bolton, even Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, even though those would be a long shot, would you be okay with the Republicans call Joe Biden or Hunter Biden, would that be a fair exchange?”

Waters said, “They can call whomever they want to call. We know should they call Biden, they’re attempting to distract attention away from what the president is accused of.”

Waters should be careful what she wishes for, however.

Casting any more doubt on the legitimacy of the Biden family’s business dealings within Ukraine only serves to bolster the President’s defense that his alleged “pressure” on the tiny European nation to launch an investigation into Burisma’s corruption was warranted, due to the behavior of the Bidens.

With a superstar legal team at his disposal, Joe Biden stuttering away on the witness stand is not in the best interest of the Democratic Party.