Maxine Waters Makes INSANE Claim About Trump and Putin as Impeachment Crumbles

California Representative Maxine Waters certainly has no kind words for President Donald Trump; never has, and likely never will.

Waters was one of the key Democrats who fomented the violent turn of the “resistance” against the Commander in Chief, months ago telling her constituents that they should band together to confront conservatives in public places in order to let them know “they are not welcome”.

Just days later, a spate of ugly incidents began to take place, including a moment in which then-Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was chased out of a family restaurant in Virginia by a mob of radical leftists.

Now, Waters is back at it, this time making absurd and far-fetched assumptions about what President Trump will do if he is acquitted by the Senate in this impeachment fiasco.

From her recent appearance on MSNBC:

On her early calls for impeachment, Waters said, “When I came to those conclusions early and starting the discussion, I wanted to sound the alarm that we better pay attention. And finally, it came to that, and I really knew that it would because of his character that he would not stop. And if he’s exonerated by the Senate when they do the trial, he’s going to get even worse. And I tell you, and I will predict he’s going to bring Putin into the White House for a meeting.”

This is simply a continuation of the left’s constant and unfathomable Russian fear-mongering campaign that should have ended with the Mueller report.