Mayor Threatens to Send Cops with FLAMETHROWERS to Break Up Parties During Pandemic

When this coronavirus scare is all said and done, young people are going to have some explaining to do.

Throughout this entire process, as mothers, brothers, sisters, and the like are dying alone and painfully in overcrowded hospitals, teens and 20-something have been yucking it up on social media.  Their brazen disregard for the health of the people around them is bad enough, but now there are reports of coronavirus pranks circulating online.

In Italy, where the virus has brought with it an ungodly nightmare of death and destruction, one mayor has become so fed up with the young and dumb that he’s now threatening them with flamethrowers.

“I’m getting news that some [people] would like to throw graduation parties,” said Vincenzo De Luca, mayor of the Italian town of Campania. “We will send police. With flamethrowers.”

And he’s not the only one.

Meanwhile, Massimiliano Presciutti, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, accused some Italians of behaving as if they were in the dystopian sci-fi movie I Am Legend by walking their dogs too much.

“Where the f*** are you all going? You and your dogs… which must have an inflamed prostate?” asked Presciutti.

The mayor said he had personally confronted one such individual.

“I stopped him and said, ‘Look, this isn’t a movie. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend. Go home.”

Italy has been particularly hard hit by the virus, thanks in no small part to the often-tight living quarters and vast generational households that litter the nation.