Megyn Kelly Pushes Back Against Controversial Budweiser Comments

Megyn Kelly, the host of Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, recently came under fire for her comments slamming Bud Light’s response to the backlash that followed its partnership with biological male trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. In a tweet, Kelly shared an article from The Wrap, which was titled “Megyn Kelly Goes On Transphobic Tirade Over Dylan Mulvaney,” and wrote, “Call me whatever names you want. I am speaking the truth.”

In response to the labeling of her comments as “transphobic,” Kelly added, “And neither I nor the millions of other women (and men) who believe in biology/reality/fairness will be dissuaded by your attempts to marginalize us with words like ‘transphobic.’”

The outlet had criticized Kelly for her comments towards Anheuser-Busch and CEO Brendan Whitworth for what they referred to as a “pathetic, rambling, empty-air sandwich of — I can’t even call it an apology — an attempt to dissuade people from hating his company and him. It was an utter fail.”

Kelly expressed her frustration with the company’s response and added, “Screw you and your stupid empty platitudes. I read this, I’m like, ‘Oh, your little, market-tested buzzwords on what’s supposed to stir up our patriotism.’ Too late, sir! The buzzwords we were looking for: ‘I’m sorry. We screwed up.’”

“This person [Mulvaney] who’s on their beer can has made a mockery of womanhood and girlhood for literally the past year and has been celebrated by far-lefties all across the country,” the host said on her show Monday. “But to see what’s supposed to be a mainstream beer company do it was a bridge too far. That’s why they’re having the reaction they are.”

“He [Whitworth] needs to apologize if he wants to save his company,” she added. “And he won’t do it. Instead, we’re getting the horses ad which was, Oh, I’m sure it’s just completely coincidental put out right after his statement…”

Conservatives were outraged by Whitworth’s refusal to acknowledge that the company made a mistake by partnering with Mulvaney, which resulted in a boycott by customers against the company. While Kelly’s comments were not directed towards the transgender community, some have accused her of being “transphobic” for her criticism of Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney.

Daily Wire