Megyn Kelly Takes On Actress Charlize Theron In Epic Showdown

In a recent episode of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” former Fox News host Megyn Kelly expressed her opposition to drag queen shows and responded to comments made by actress Charlize Theron during a telethon. The discussion ignited a heated debate surrounding the appropriateness of drag performances in the presence of young children.

Kelly first acknowledged a peculiar connection with Charlize Theron due to Theron’s portrayal of Kelly in the 2019 film “Bombshell,” which explored allegations of a toxic work environment at Fox News. Kelly then confronted Theron’s threat to “f*** anybody up” who opposes drag queens, pointing out her dissent on the matter.

Megyn Kelly emphasized that while there are enjoyable drag queen shows intended for adult audiences, she believes there are disturbing performances taking place in front of young children. This concern sparked a clash between Kelly and LGBTQ Nation, a news outlet that accused her of making false claims about drag shows.

Kelly staunchly defended her position, stating that those who fail to recognize the potential problems associated with exposing children to certain drag performances are part of the issue. She expressed apprehension about the potential grooming and exploitation of children, noting that pedophiles often target vulnerable children from broken homes or those entangled in the social welfare system.

Kelly criticized Theron’s privileged background and the detachment she believes comes with it. Kelly argued that while Theron could advocate for drag queen performances without consequences, she wouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath of the children who might be harmed as a result of these shows. Kelly urged Theron to consider the potential ramifications of her stance.

Megyn Kelly’s remarks on her podcast sparked a contentious debate regarding drag queen shows and their impact on young children. While Kelly acknowledged the existence of entertaining drag performances for consenting adults, she expressed concerns about inappropriate displays and the potential grooming of children.