Melania Trump Targeted with Tell-All Book from Former Confidante

With the election closing in on Americans, it appears as though the never-Trumpers among us are going to be throwing everything they’ve got at the first family.

President Trump has already been targeted in a memoir by former national security adviser John Bolton, whose damning claims were meant to not only cast doubt on the decisions being made in the West Wing, but also the President’s diplomatic intelligence.

In just a matter of days, Trump’s niece Mary will also be releasing a tell-all book that has been advertised as “explosive”.

Now, in what feels like a coordinated glut of overkill, yet another potentially damaging tome will be released which targets the First Family.

According to people familiar with the project, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff—who was previously seen by the first lady as a loyal confidante and helped plan President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration in Washington, D.C.—will release a tell-all, Melania and Me, on Sept. 1.

People with knowledge of the project say the content of the book is largely negative and that the manuscript heavily trashes the first lady.

Winston Wolkoff previously worked for Vogue editrix and artistic director of Condé Nast Anna Wintour, who nicknamed her “General Winston” during her stint as the magazine’s special events director producing the celebrity-packed Met Gala.

There appears to be plenty of subject matter to be discussed in the book.

“Was I fired? No,” Wolkoff told The New York Times last year. “Did I personally receive $26 million or $1.6 million? No. Was I thrown under the bus? Yes.”

Following Wolkoff’s departure from the White House’s East Wing, the first lady sent her an email. “I am sorry that the professional part of our relationship has come to an end, but I am comforted in the fact that our [friendship] far outweigh[s] politics,” she said in an email. “Thank you Again! Much love.”

According to the Times, the one-time Melania Trump confidante was also cooperating with Manhattan federal prosecutors investigating the Trump inaugural committee’s fundraising and spending. A spokesman from SDNY did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

One can only imagine what will come next, as we grow ever nearer to the 2020 election.