Meta Executive On Content Plan

Meta President of Global Affairs Sir Nick Clegg recently revealed a shocking admission on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”: the majority of Meta’s employees are dedicated to censoring speech on their platforms.

Clegg proudly estimated that around 40,000 Meta employees, or almost 60 percent of their total workforce, are devoted to silencing free speech. This not only confirms the left-leaning bias of the company, but also begs the question: how many of these employees are dedicated to censoring conservative voices?

To make matters worse, Clegg also boasted about how Meta uses artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to suppress speech they don’t like. According to Clegg, AI is “our most powerful tool to identify and deal with the kind of content we don’t want to see on our platforms.”

But let’s be real, this is just a fancy way of saying they use AI to censor conservative viewpoints. And while AI may have its risks, Clegg seems perfectly fine with using it to crush free speech.

It’s no secret that Meta has a history of censoring content based on federal government demands. Remember when they shut down the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in 2020 at the request of the FBI?

The Media Research Center even found that 17 percent of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s voters would not have voted for him if they were aware of the scandals that Big Tech and the legacy media censored. But hey, who cares about informing the public when you can push your own agenda, right Meta?

But it’s not just government interference that Meta is after. They also firmly believe in censorship for the sake of “election integrity.” Clegg stated that Meta has spent a whopping $20 billion, including $5 billion in the past year, to fight for this so-called “integrity.” It’s almost comical how they blatantly admit to using their massive resources to influence elections and stifle opposing viewpoints.

Meanwhile, one CNBC employee was so taken aback by Clegg’s admission that a hot mic caught them whispering, “Forty thousand? They only have 67,000 employees.” That’s right, nearly 60 percent of Meta’s total workforce is dedicated to silencing speech, with a leftist bias to boot.

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