Michigan Barbershop Guarded by Militia as Owner Desperately Tries to…

The fight over whether or not America should be getting back to “normal”, or at the very least back to work, continues to rage this week.

One of the hotspots in this battle has been Michigan, where Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been accused of overstepping her authority in several instances, not the least of which concerned her request that retailers cordon off certain, “non-essential” areas of their stores.  Twitter soon erupted with photos of items such as vegetable seeds and children’s car seats behind yellow caution tape, unable to be shopped for.

Things have become so heated in Michigan that a militia group has begun standing guard over a barbershop, just in case the authorities comes to close it down.

Armed members of the Michigan Home Guard stood outside Karl Manke’s barber shop, ready to blockade the door if police arrived. They were determined to help Manke, 77, reopen his shop Monday, in defiance of state orders, and dozens joined them, wearing Trump sweatshirts and Trump cowboy hats and waving Trump flags.

They gathered not because they desperately needed haircuts but to rail against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D)’s approach to fighting the coronavirus outbreak in Michigan, one of the nation’s worst hotspots. They were channeling President Trump’s support of such protests, but some also were taking aim at the state’s Republicans, who they say have not done enough to “liberate” the state from safety measures that have ground life to a halt.

One is left wondering if this sort of madness will continue to spread, and if it is making more headway than coronavirus itself these days?