Mike Lindell Changes Trump ‘Reinstatement’ Date, Blames It On…

In one of the most interesting side notes in all of American electoral history, the CEO of the MyPillow company is once again adjusting his predictions regarding Donald Trump’s impending “reinstatement”.

Mike Lindell, a close confidante of Donald Trump, has been suggesting of late that the former President could return to office as soon as August 13th, via some mysterious “reinstatement” that isn’t exactly spelled out in the Constitution anywhere.

Now, with that date rapidly approaching, Lindell is beginning to soften his prophecy.

Reached for comment Monday, Lindell admitted that his August timeline—which he had already suggested was elastic—might now be further delayed.

“We’ll be bringing our findings to the Supreme Court in late August or early September, some time after the cyber-symposium ends, and it proves it was an attack by China,” Lindell told The Daily Beast of non-existent election fraud, and an upcoming event devoted to the same. “When I gave my prediction about August, and that was several months ago, that was an estimate at the time. But it took so long to get this symposium set up. However long it takes for the Supreme Court to take it up and decide on this, I can’t predict that. I’m not the Supreme Court.”

Lindell previously based his prediction on a timeline that involved bringing pro-Trump cases before the Supreme Court in July. Those high-stakes cases never materialized.

According to internet chatter, however, it appears as though many of the QAnon faithful are remaining optimistic about the August 13th date, which could roughly coincide with a major declaration out of the ongoing Maricopa County election audit in Arizona.

In other words, there is a very real potential for trouble coming to America in less than two weeks’ time.