More Banned Weapons Show Up in Ukraine, as Russia Turns Desperate

Throughout time immemorial, we have found ourselves with some fairly standard stereotypes for the nature of the people of a certain nation.

We’ve long envisioned Americans as cowboys and rock stars, we’ve viewed Australians as being nonchalantly tough, and we’ve spent a long time trying to figure out how Italians have so much free time for wine and food.

We’ve also had a long-held belief that the Russian military was a powerful, precision machine, capable of wreaking havoc on the world at large if they ever decided to lift a finger.  As it turns out, we were incredibly misled in that regard, and the sheer desperation of the Kremlin to somehow win their Ukrainian invasion proves this once again.

Russia is deploying anti-personnel mines designed to detect approaching footsteps and then obliterate anything within a 16-metre radius in northeastern Ukraine, a human rights report has found.

The newly developed POM-3 landmines, banned under international treaties, were discovered in Kharkiv on Monday by Ukrainian ordnance disposal technicians.

The illegal technology is just the latest sign that Russia will need to somehow cheat to win this war, as their once-fearsome army continues to be beaten back by the much smaller fighting force of Ukraine, backed by ordinary citizens who’ve joined to defend their nation.