MORE FREE MONEY! Republicans Make Push for Additional Stimulus Payments

America herself is at a standstill.  We are living in a time that feels all too much like the grinding of some grand machine.  It is a cacophony of screeching, grinding wails – not unlike the sound that you would expect two oil barges to make while they rub together in some far off harbor, both waiting out a storm in the surge.

We are bobbing, sure, but the shrieking and unfathomable volume of the world around us is just far too real to ignore.

Nowadays, our weeks are often defined by the news that we receive in regard to the coronavirus.  We are essentially waiting for the world to come back online.

Until that can happens, the government will likely need to supply citizens with an appropriate amount of resources to wait it out.  This week, several members of the GOP began a push to guarantee just that level of comfort. 

Republicans are all of a sudden expressing more urgency about passing another stimulus package after weeks of pumping the brakes, with a small window of just 11 days in July to act.

Because of the Fourth of July holiday and August recess, Congress has just 11 days from July 20 to July 31 for both chambers to come to terms on a bill.

Congress is facing steep pressure to act on several coronavirus relief programs set to expire at the end of the month, including the $600-a-week expanded unemployment program.

“We need to get off our ass and get this done,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Thursday during an interview on Fox News about a new stimulus package.

One can only hope that such a bill wouldn’t be held up by the Democrats later in the legislative process.