Mystery Drones in Colorado Prompt Search Using High Tech Aircraft

High over the remote wilderness of Colorado, something bizarre is taking place, and it has local authorities stumped.

For weeks now, a swarm of unidentified drone aircraft has been flying bizarre patterns over the Centennial State.  Those who have witnessed the phenomenon have wondered if, perhaps, the drones are searching for something, given their methodical trajectories and steady presence.

Weirder still; no one seems to know who is responsible for them.  Local police, military leaders, and private enthusiasts are all stumped.

The mystery is so baffling, in fact, that state authorities are calling in the cavalry.

In the latest bid to solve the question of mysterious drone sightings vexing authorities in northeastern Colorado, a state surveillance airplane loaded with sophisticated cameras and sensors was launched Monday evening.

However, it did not detect any suspicious drone activity Monday despite a five hour-flight over the area besieged by recent reports of drone sightings, officials told ABC News.

The plane took off around 5 p.m. Monday, flying a spaghetti-shaped pattern over northeast Colorado before returning to its base at the Centennial Airport south of Denver, according to FlightRadar.

Adding to the growing skepticism surrounding the “mystery drone” sightings over Colorado and Nebraska, a federal official told ABC News that the investigation has no far turned up no evidence of any suspicious drone activity.

Federal authorities joined in on the search as well, combining forces with state and local law enforcement agencies to force a “drone task force” earlier this week.

Complicating the search for answers is a bit of hysteria accompanying the sightings.  Locals are now reporting drone sightings in a much higher frequency now that the story has made national news, creating an extra headache for those seeking the truth.