Mythical Scottish Creature Appears Again, Signaling Pandemic’s End

While there are very few world leaders out there who would be comfortable with declaring that the pandemic is over, the signs seem to be all around us, and the writing is on the wall.

In cities and towns around the world, mask mandates are disappearing, sports teams are playing in front of ever larger crowds, and folks are even beginning to mingle tightly in bars and restaurants.

Heck, even the world’s mythical creatures are returning to their public lives.

For the first time this year, the legendary monster of Loch Ness may have been spotted by someone who was actually at the iconic location in Scotland. The on-site sighting is said to have been made by an unnamed man from England who was visiting the area last Wednesday afternoon. While stationed onshore near the site’s famed Urquhart Castle, the witness looked out lat Loch Ness with a pair of binoculars and noticed something strange briefly emerge from the water.

According to the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, which received the report, the man “said a hump came up, going against the waves, looking like a turtle’s back.” Despite only seeing the oddity for a mere two seconds, the witness observed that it was “black in color with a green tinge to it.” Alas, the only additional details from the potential Nessie sighting are that “the weather was warm and sunny with excellent visibility” and, unfortunately, the witness was unable to photograph or capture video of the oddity due to the incredibly short duration of the sighting.

While this is the first on-site sighting of Nessie in 2021, there have been six other alleged appearances of the legendary creature all via the official Loch Ness webcam.