Nancy Pelosi Suddenly Adds ‘Bribery’ to Impeachment Accusations

After Wednesday’s anticlimactic public impeachment hearings set the Democrats back about 6 weeks in their anti-Trump endeavors, the liberal left needed some way to bring the media circus back into their corner.

One of the ways in which they hoped to achieve this was by trotting out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make a bold and erratic statement regarding the nature of the accusations against the President.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued on Thursday that President Donald Trump’s actions in the Ukraine scandal constitute “bribery” and that Trump has admitted to it himself. She’s the latest and most high-profile Democrat to use that word when describing Trump’s conduct on the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which Trump has called “perfect.”

“What the President has admitted to and says it’s perfect, I’ve said it’s perfectly wrong. It’s bribery,” Pelosi said at her weekly news conference.

Pelosi’s inference is that the President withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to bolster his own political equity – an allegation that has yet to be corroborated.

As such, there is little reason to believe that this latest escalation of rhetoric is anything more than a publicity stunt manufactured for the purpose of acquiring some market share of the mainstream media narrative after a day of blasé hearsay.

Pelosi would go on to also berate a reporter during the press conference, referring to him as “Mr. Republican Talking Points” after she was asked an unbiased question.