Nancy Pelosi Tells Americans to Simply ‘Ignore’ President Trump

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops in their attempts to stop President Trump from winning reelection, and very much at the cost of their own dignity.

Much of the left seemed to begin their anti-Trump tirades on the offensive, accusing the Commander in Chief of being a racist, a sexist, an ableist – you name it, Trump was guilty of it according to many.

When Teflon Don was able to skate through a great deal of that criticism without incident, the left took to heavier measures, and even got as far as impeaching Trump, only to have the Senate vote swiftly and solidly to acquit him.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest tactic against the President seems to simple: Tell America to ignore him.

“Don’t pay any attention to what the president is saying because it is all designed to suppress the vote,” Pelosi said at a rare Saturday news conference ahead of a vote on a U.S. Postal Service funding bill.

Pelosi and Democrats have accused Trump of trying to sabotage the November election by delaying the mail and peddling misinformation about mail-in voting.

Now they say Trump is deploying more voter suppression tactics by suggesting he’ll send law enforcement to polling places to monitor the election.

“Why would he do that, except to scare people off?” Pelosi said.

And that wasn’t all…

“It’s in their playbook that they’ll have people intimidated to vote by having ICE agents … or other law enforcement there to instill fear in people as they show up,” she said. “…It’s scary but ignore that. It’s a suppress-the-vote tactic.”

With less than 70 days left until the election, one can only wonder how much more desperate Pelosi and her posse will become.