NASCAR Racer Tells Fans Who Don’t Like Inclusion Efforts: Deal With It

Bubba Wallace, the NASCAR driver who has recently garnered controversy, made a strong statement to fans who are unsatisfied with the sport’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion: “Deal with it.” The driver, known for his outspoken stance on social justice issues, shared his thoughts during an event called Bubba’s Block Party in Chicago, where he also threw the first pitch at a Cubs game.

Addressing reporters at the event, Wallace spoke about NASCAR’s ongoing efforts to foster inclusivity and diversify the sport. However, he made it clear that he had little patience for fans who were resistant to change. “There are three types of people: ones that will accept change, the ones that are on the fence about change, and the ones that will never change,” Wallace said.

He continued by acknowledging that some individuals would never be receptive to NASCAR’s evolving initiatives. “You can never get through the minds of the people that will never change. So we don’t really focus our energy on those people,” Wallace stated, adding that the sport would persist in its progressive journey regardless of dissenting opinions.

While Wallace’s direct approach may have ruffled feathers among some, he appears to have embraced his role as both a social justice advocate and a polarizing figure within NASCAR. His comments reflect a determined commitment to furthering diversity in a sport that has faced criticism for its lack of inclusivity.

NASCAR, much like the NFL, holds a virtual monopoly on the highest level of competition in its respective field. This fact, combined with the unique fandom that often revolves exclusively around racing, means that fans have limited alternatives when seeking top-tier American-style auto racing outside of Formula 1.

Wallace’s blunt message serves as a reminder that NASCAR and its drivers are fully aware of their stronghold on the industry and the limited options available to racing enthusiasts. Despite potential backlash from a portion of the fanbase, the sport is resolute in pushing forward with its diversity initiatives.