Nations Around The World Show Solidarity with Americans Seeking Justice for George Floyd

We are currently living through the sort of moment that our children and their children will ask us about time and again.

The nation is mourning and raging at the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis who died unarmed while in police custody.  Floyd is just one of many who have suffered such a fate of late, and Americans are not going to stand idly by anymore.

Sunday marked the sixth night of protests in the USA, and the scenes that were broadcast to the world were painful to say the least.

The American people were honored by their allies over the weekend, and in a big way.

Thousands gathered in central London on Sunday to offer support for American demonstrators. Chanting “No justice! No peace!” and waving placards with the words “How many more?” at Trafalgar Square, the protesters ignored U.K. government rules banning crowds because of the pandemic. Police didn’t stop them.

Demonstrators then marched to the U.S. Embassy, where a long line of officers surrounded the building. Several hundred milled around in the street and waved placards.

Protesters in Denmark also converged on the U.S. Embassy on Sunday. Participants carried placards with messages such as “Stop Killing Black People.”

And that’s not all.

The U.S. Embassy in Berlin was the scene of protests on Saturday under the motto: “Justice for George Floyd.” Several hundred more people took to the streets Sunday in the capital’s Kreuzberg area, carrying signs with slogans like “Silence is Violence,” “Hold Cops Accountable,” and “Who Do You Call When Police Murder?” No incidents were reported.

Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper on Sunday carried the sensational headline “This killer-cop set America ablaze” with an arrow pointing to a photo of now-fired police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with third-degree murder in Floyd’s death, with his knee on Floyd’s neck. The newspaper’s story reported “scenes like out of a civil war.”

One can only hope that their solidarity can help to affect the necessary change.