NATO Places Warships in Peculiar Position as Ukraine Invasion Continues

The entirety of humanity is currently ensconced in a battle to prevent World War III from coming to fruition after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

And while many have suggested that this global conflict has already begun, there are many who caution that only a NATO-involved conflict would be considered such a monumental occasion.

Well, don’t look now…

NATO has amassed 30,000 troops and 50 warships near Russia’s border for military exercises, risking Mad Vlad’s rage.

The drill, named Cold Response, has kicked off today in Norway amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West over the invasion of Ukraine.

The exercise includes 30,000 troops from more than 25 countries from Europe and North America, 200 aircraft, and 50 vessels.

The largest Nato exercise which is held just a few miles from the Russian border was planned long before Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine but its significance has now been heightened.

Officials were playing a bit coy about the whole thing.

“This exercise is extremely important for the security of Norway and its allies. We will practice an allied reinforcement of Norway”, Norwegian Defence Minister Odd Roger Enoksen.

“It is not being held because of the Russian authorities’ attack on Ukraine, but given the backdrop there is a heightened significance.”

While NATO might not want to come out and say it, there’s absolutely no mistaking the writing on the wall.