Nazi Treasure Map Revealed, with Several Experts Now Touting its Authenticity

While this news may sound like something out of an Indiana Jones movie we assure you it is non-fiction.

In 2020, Americans are being reminded of Nazi Germany time and again, largely as the liberal left continues to trot out bored and tired Hitler comparisons for President Donald Trump.

And while there is plenty of debate over just how accurate those statements are, there is little doubt that an actual Nazi treasure map has been discovered in Europe. 

A diary said to have been written by a Nazi officer at the close of World War II allegedly contains revelations about where treasures pilfered by the Third Reich were hidden throughout Poland. The remarkable journal was reportedly written by an individual calling himself ‘Michaelis,’ who claimed to have been part of a 1945 effort to conceal the massive cache of stolen riches.

Following the war, the diary fell into the hands of a mysterious 1000-year-old Masonic lodge in Germany to which a number of high-ranking Nazis had belonged during the war. The journal’s existence was subsequently kept a secret over the next seven decades until the group, which counts among its members descendants of those Third Reich officers, handed it over to a Polish organization as way of making amends for the actions of their ancestors.

And what kind of treasure are we talking about?

Contained within the diary is Michaelis’ account of how the operation unfolded as well as 11 locations in Poland where the Nazis hid the riches. Incredibly, alongside the journal was a literal treasure map leading to a well on the grounds of a palace in the Polish village of Roztoka. According to Michaelis, the spot contains a jaw-dropping 30 tons of gold that were buried approximately 200 feet below ground in a shaft that was then sealed via explosives.

An expedition to find the Roztoka gold is currently in the planning stage.