NBC News Cuts Away From Record Setting QB

Like most leftwing media outlets, NBC News is hostile to religion. During a recent interview with Houston Texans quarterback, CJ Stroud, the network stooped low by editing out his opening remarks — which gave tribute to Jesus Christ.

During a post-game interview with NBC Sports, rookie quarterback CJ Stroud of the Houston Texans was asked about his record-setting performance in their first-round playoff game against the Cleveland Browns. But rather than focusing solely on his own accomplishments, Stroud made sure to acknowledge the true source of his strength and success – his Lord and Savior.

“First and foremost, I just want to give all glory and praise to my Lord, Jesus Christ,” Stroud began, before going on to discuss his love for the city of Houston and his desire to continue playing at a high level. But NBC conveniently left out the beginning of his statement in their clip, leaving viewers unaware of Stroud’s faith and robbing him of his right to express it.

This blatant omission is just the latest example of the liberal media trying to silence the voices of Christians in the public sphere. While they claim to support diversity and inclusion, it seems that these values only apply to certain groups and beliefs, not to Christians.

But Stroud’s actions off the field also speak volumes about his character and his faith. Before the playoff game, he encountered an 11-year-old Houston Texans superfan named Joseph Rodriguez who had had his “game day helmet” stolen from his brother’s car. Stroud’s mother went to the team store to buy a replica of the helmet, but she ended up meeting Stroud himself, who happened to be there at the time.

Upon hearing Rodriguez’s story, Stroud decided to do something truly special. He took a photo with the boy and told his mother, “I’m sorry it happened to you.” Then he turned to the store clerk and said, “Don’t let her buy the helmet. I’m going to buy it for him.”

This act of kindness and generosity not only made Rodriguez’s day, but it also inspired many others who heard the story. In a world where athletes are often seen as selfish and arrogant, Stroud’s actions showed that there are still players who care more about making a difference than making a name for themselves.

It’s time for the media to stop silencing Christian voices and start celebrating diversity and freedom of belief. Whether they agree with Stroud’s beliefs or not, they should still respect his right to express them and share his story. In a world full of negative news and controversy, an uplifting story like Stroud’s is just what we need.