NBC Fires Ronna McDaniel

NBC News has sparked controversy after firing ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel just days after announcing her as a paid contributor in a $300,000-per-year deal. The left-leaning network has been accused of bowing down to the progressive woke mob inside its newsroom.

McDaniel’s hiring was met with backlash from the start, with top contributors at the network attacking the decision. Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski claimed they would not invite McDaniel on their show, while Chuck Todd went on a tirade against the ex-RNC chair for her support of Trump’s election fraud claims.

The left-wing media’s meltdown over McDaniel’s hiring shows their blatant bias and intolerance for any opposing views. It seems they only want to present one-sided coverage and silence anyone who doesn’t align with their liberal agenda.

But what’s even more hypocritical is that Democrat stars like former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have had no trouble joining the network after leaving their political positions. Why is it acceptable for Democrats to be paid contributors but not Republicans?

Even former RNC Chairman Michael Steele has been a contributor at NBC for years without any backlash. So why the sudden change of heart towards McDaniel? It seems the progressive mob within NBC is pushing their personal agenda and trying to dictate who can and cannot be a paid contributor.

Chuck Todd’s public outburst against McDaniel is completely unprofessional and unheard of for a paid contributor to blast a colleague on national television. It’s clear that his true intentions were not to stand up for “honest journalists” but to push his own anti-Republican narrative.

NBC has now backtracked on their decision to hire McDaniel, with NBCUniversal chairman Cesar Conde apologizing to staff for the controversy. But it’s not just about McDaniel’s hiring anymore. It’s about the biased and one-sided coverage of the mainstream media and their intolerance for anyone who doesn’t conform to their beliefs.

Democrats and the liberal media claim to stand for diversity and inclusion, yet they have no problem silencing and attacking Republicans and their beliefs.