New 2024 Poll Has SHOCKING Results for Donald Trump

As of last week, it was well understood that President Joe Biden was preparing to enter the 2024 race in an attempt to secure his reelection to the White House.  Insiders with knowledge of the situation believed that Biden could announce as early as late February, but that the Commander in Chief would likely delay his declaration until sometime in April.

As it stands now, (and with what redundant precedent has shown us), incumbent Presidents usually have a fairly simple road to their party’s nomination, and so it’s safe to consider the possibility of an electoral rematch between Biden and his 2020 opponent, then-President Donald Trump.

In this hypothetical but realistic matchup, it appears as though The Don has the upper hand.

Former President Donald Trump has opened a clear lead over President Joe Biden in a new Harvard-Harris 2024 poll.

Trump at 46 percent leads Biden’s 41 percent in the survey, with 13 percent who said they were unsure.

Trump also leads Vice President Kamala Harris by even more, with Trump at 48 percent, Harris at 40 percent, and 12 percent undecided.

But then, in news that will certainly be worth noting…

It is also worth noting that Trump is outperforming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in both hypothetical contests, against either Biden or Harris. While DeSantis still also leads both, he leads by less in each instance. Against Biden, DeSantis leads by just three percent—with 42 percent to Biden’s 39 percent and 18 percent undecided—and against Harris, DeSantis also only leads by three percent, 43 percent to 40 percent with 17 percent undecided.

In the GOP primary, Trump has a 20-percent lead over DeSantis as well, at 48 percent to DeSantis at 28 percent. No other candidate gets double digits in this survey, with former Vice President Mike Pence coming in at seven percent, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley at three percent, and Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tim Scott (R-SC), and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo each at one percent, while two percent said someone else and six percent are unsure.

Of course, there are still a number of looming litigious issues out there for Donald Trump, who is facing potential charges from the DOJ and from the Fulton Country DA in Georgia.