New Poll Deals Blow to Bernie Sanders Regarding Ability to Beat Trump

The Democrats are desperate, that much is known.Their vapid inability to choose a frontrunner, let alone a candidate for 2020 is telling enough.

At first, they seemed to look past Joe Biden’s lengthy list of bizarre, inappropriate contact with women.  They backhandedly endorsed hair-sniffing in the process, by the way, and that itself should have been enough to disqualify someone from holding public office.

Then, after realizing what a pickle they had put themselves in with the gaffe-prone former Vice President, they started to shift.  Now, the race has boiled down to four candidates with any real shot at scoring the nomination:  The aforementioned Biden, Senators Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, and Indianapolis Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  At this point, everyone else is going to walk away with a participation trophy…it’s that simple.

Bernie has been making a concerted run at Biden, as the socialist ideals score plenty of points with the Democratic youth.

But can be beat Trump?  It seems that this is the knife’s edge that Sanders is tiptoeing upon.

Voters believe Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has the best positions on health care, the economy, immigration, and the environment but question his ability to beat President Trump in a general election matchup, a Reuters/Ipsos Poll this week shows.

The survey, which polled 1,115 adults between November 1-4, 2019, found that voters tend to view Sanders as the candidate who has the best proposals on key issues like health care, the economy, immigration, and the environment.

When asked, “Who is the best candidate” on health care, 24 percent chose Sanders, who has unabashedly touted his Medicare for All plan and admitted that middle class taxes will, in fact, go up.

Meanwhile, 15 percent chose Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and 14 percent chose Joe Biden (D).

Here’s the catch, however.

Despite that, respondents did not choose Sanders as the candidate most able to defeat Trump in a general election matchup, with Sanders falling behind Biden with 16 percent to Biden’s 29 percent…

Hesitation regarding Sanders’ candidacy do not only arise from his fondness for democratic socialism, however.

The septuagenarian would not only be the oldest President ever sworn in for a first term if he were to win in 2020, but also recently suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail.