New polling reveals the nation’s true feelings regarding impeachment

If you are brave enough to turn on the mainstream media these days, you would think that impeachment mania is sweeping the nation like some sort of trendy new dance move or fad diet.

Everywhere you turn it’s a constant cacophony of liberal talking points about the President and his “draining the swamp” – something that wouldn’t be so disagreeable to the Democrats if it weren’t the Bidens who were circling the drain.

But is that how the nation really feels?

In a new sign of how support is growing for the impeachment effort launched last week, a poll out Thursday has found that 45% of Americans believe the House of Representatives should vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Some 38% of respondents to the USA Today/Ipsos survey said the House should not vote to impeach him, and 17% said they didn’t know.

Further, 44% of Americans think the Senate, which would be expected to hold a trial of the president after a House impeachment vote, should vote to convict Trump, while 35% said the Senate shouldn’t and 21% said they didn’t know, according to the poll.

The survey shows a noteworthy partisan split on the issue, with 74% of Democrats favoring a House vote to impeach Trump, compared with 17% of Republicans and 37% of independents.

These numbers certainly don’t jibe with the manic state of the mainstream media at this moment in history.

Furthermore, the President himself has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing whatsoever in the matter, and the Democrats seem unwilling to actually vote for an impeachment to begin – instead choosing to hide behind what they are calling a “formal impeachment inquiry”.

It’s beginning to look more and more like UkraineGate is just RussiaGate 2.0.