New Report: Trump is FURIOUS With GOP Governor Over…

With Donald Trump almost assuredly set to run for the White House again in 2024, there has been little talk about any other candidates that may try their had at unseating the former President.

No, Trump really does have it all, and it would be surprising at this juncture to see him simply walk away.

But there are a few maybes out there, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being one of them. 

Former President Donald Trump is said to be furious that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rising star in Republican politics, won’t publicly rule himself out of a bid for the 2024 presidency if Trump decides to stand.

Politico’s Playbook newsletter reported on Friday that Trump had been complaining to members and guests at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that DeSantis hasn’t joined other potential rivals in making a public declaration that he won’t run for president in 2024 if Trump decides to.

Trump really needed DeSantis to get that word out, however.

Politico wrote that Trump told advisors that DeSantis had privately told him that he wouldn’t run if Trump does, “but that’s not enough for the former president – he wants DeSantis to say it in public.”

DeSantis sure has been raising his national profile of late, largely through his continued battle with the COVID-19 precautions, in which Florida has been erring or he side of liberty over lethargy.