New Report: Trump KNEW About Russian-Taliban Bounties MONTHS Ago

As if we needed any more evidence that Russia did not have the best interests of the nation at heart, a terrifying new tale has arrived from the Middle East.

The story goes like this:  Russia got caught paying bounties to Taliban soldiers for every American that they killed.  Then there were concerns that the President had received this information but had chosen not to respond, despite what seems like a clear need for retaliation of some sort.

The White House has since stated that there was no consensus among intelligence officials in regard to the claims.

Furthermore, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has said that the President was unaware of the incident.

A new report seems to refute that denial, however.

The intelligence that assessed there was an effort by a Russian military intelligence unit to pay the Taliban to kill US soldiers was included in one of President Donald Trump’s daily briefings on intelligence matters sometime in the spring, according to a US official with direct knowledge of the latest information.

That assessment, the source said, was backed up by “several pieces of information” that supported the view that there was an effort by the Russian intelligence unit — the GRU — to pay bounties to kill US soldiers, including interrogation of Taliban detainees and electronic eavesdropping. The source said there was some other information that did not corroborate this view but said, nonetheless, ‘”This was a big deal.
When it’s about US troops you go after it 100%, with everything you got.”

The New York Times reported Monday night that the intelligence had been included in a written version of the President’s Daily Brief in late February.

This will almost certainly have Democrats on Capitol Hill fuming, as they were left out of a Monday briefing on the subject in which several of their Republican counterparts were included.