Newsom Offended by DeSantis Comments

In a fiery exchange on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom clashed intensely with Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also a potential 2024 presidential candidate. The debate unfolded as both leaders sparred over various contentious issues ranging from crime and tax policies to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tensions flared notably when DeSantis made remarks about Los Angeles, suggesting it had “collapsed” due to crime—a statement that drew immediate ire from Newsom. Responding with palpable offense, Newsom criticized DeSantis for what he perceived as disparaging comments about California, stating, “You’re talking down the great state of California, talking down one of the great American cities, Los Angeles.”

The discussion transitioned to the topic of parental rights in education, where Newsom expressed discomfort with what he perceived as demeaning behavior from DeSantis. He highlighted his opposition to what he termed as the demeaning of LGBTQ communities and the alleged humiliation of those with opposing views, asserting that such actions contradicted fundamental values.

Further contention arose regarding Florida’s removal and restrictions on books containing sexual content in school districts, with Newsom raising concerns about the impact on LGBTQ youth. He criticized DeSantis for what he deemed attacks on vulnerable communities, specifically highlighting the treatment of transgender children and chastising the Florida governor’s approach as lacking in decency and humanity.

The debate reached a notable crescendo when Newsom rebuked DeSantis for the pronunciation of Vice President Kamala Harris’s name, emphasizing the correct pronunciation and addressing her as “Madame Vice President” while admonishing DeSantis for what he perceived as an insult.

Fox News