Newsom’s Shameful Red State Tour

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently toured four states in the South – Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama – on a mission to lecture them on California’s supposedly superior governance. This tour, and the creation of a new political PAC to “fight back” against Republican-led states, has generated controversy due to Newsom’s lack of focus on the many issues plaguing his own state.

During his tour, Newsom called Republican leaders “authoritarian threats” while failing to mention his own unilateral power grab during the pandemic. He kept schools closed longer than any other state, shut down businesses, dictated how many households can gather together, and banned state-funded travel to 23 states, including the four he visited. He also failed to address California’s homeless crisis, its struggling economy, and its sky-high gas prices.

Not only that, but California’s educational system is in dire straits. Recent test scores showed two-thirds or more of California students aren’t at grade level in math and science while California ranks dead last in literacy. Public school enrollment continues to decline as families relocate, many to the very states Newsom is busy lecturing.

In addition to Newsom’s tour, his new political PAC is also under scrutiny. The purpose of the PAC is to “fight back” against how Republican-led states are governed, but some have questioned whether it is simply a distraction from the mounting problems in California.

Overall, Newsom’s tour and his new political PAC have provoked criticism from both sides of the political aisle. His lack of awareness about his own record of failures and his tendency to gloss over his own state’s issues have been cited as evidence of his inability to effectively lead. As many former Californians have relocated to the very states Newsom is lecturing, it is clear that his tour has done little to improve his reputation.

Fox News