Nikki Haley Calls for “Mental Competency Tests” for U.S. Lawmakers!

In a recent appearance on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” former South Carolina Governor and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley sparked a conversation about the need for mental competency tests and term limits for members of Congress, particularly those over the age of 75. Haley’s remarks come in the wake of growing concerns about the fitness of some of the oldest lawmakers in the United States.

Haley made her position clear, stating that she is “completely for term limits” and supports the implementation of “mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75.” She emphasized that her intent was not to be disrespectful but rather to address a pressing issue in American politics.

Highlighting recent incidents involving prominent politicians, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s momentary freeze while speaking to the media, Haley argued that it is time for a new generation of leaders to step up and advance the nation’s interests for future generations.

“This is not just a Republican or Democrat problem,” she stated emphatically. “This is a congressional problem. And they’ve got to know when to leave. It is time to pass this down to a new generation of conservative leaders that want to take our country to a better place.”

Haley’s call for mental competency tests is not limited to any political party; she envisions these tests as a necessary measure to ensure that lawmakers of all affiliations are fit to serve their constituents effectively.

When asked if there should be an age limit imposed on the presidency and lawmakers, Haley reiterated her stance, emphasizing the importance of mental competency. She proposed basic tests that would include questions about personal information and mental capacity, coupled with financial disclosures and statements from medical professionals.

“We can’t stand watching Dianne Feinstein sit there and be told by an aide how she should vote,” Haley asserted. “We can’t worry about Mitch McConnell being frozen at a podium. We can’t have Joe Biden forget where he is.”

Haley concluded her remarks by emphasizing the national security implications of leaders exhibiting signs of cognitive decline. She argued that such instances could be exploited by America’s adversaries, potentially compromising the nation’s safety and stability.

“Our enemies are watching all of this,” she warned. “And every time they have an instance like that, America is less safe because our enemies think we’re out of control. And that’s got to stop.”