North Korea Sends Missiles Flying as Kamala Visits Peninsula

As the White House continues another week of its meager international diplomacy, one of our nation’s most fervent enemies had a little welcoming gift for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris is visiting Asia this week, and specifically looking to bolster the relationship between the US and South Korea.  Of course, Kim Jong Un of North Korea had to somehow make the visit about himself, launching several ballistic missiles as the veep was in the region.

North Korea carried out another banned missile test, just hours after a visit by US Vice-President Kamala Harris, South Korea’s military says.

Two short-range ballistic missiles were fired into the sea off the North’s east coast, it said, in the third such breach of UN sanctions this week.

It follows a visit by Ms Harris to the demilitarised zone dividing the Koreas.

The DPRK has been busy in this regard so far this year.

This has been a record year for missile tests in North Korea and the latest launches are timed to send a message.

They come as the US and South Korea held joint naval drills this week around the Korean peninsula.

North Korea has a long history of escalating and de-escalating rhetoric that has been seen by many as a negotiating tactic in order to juggle the heavy international sanctions against them.