North Korea’s Aggressive Posturing Backfires in Major Way

With the world’s spotlight well-affixed on the conflict in Ukraine and the potentially-violent US midterm elections, one of the world’s most petulant political entities seems to be feeling a little left out.

Just like a child who’s not received the sort of attention that they erroneously believe they deserve, Kim Jong Un of North Korea has been attempting to harness some headlines of his own by launching a series of missiles tests and making braggadocios threats about a potential nuclear strike.

The only problem:  North Korea has remained true to their flailing form, with a number of the aforementioned tests going up in smoke.

North Korea fired multiple missiles into the sea on Thursday, including a possible failed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), prompting the United States and South Korea to extend air drills that have angered Pyongyang.

Despite an initial government warning that the apparent ICBM had flown over Japan, triggering warning alarms for some residents, Tokyo later said this was incorrect.

The DPRK has been busy with their bad behavior of late.

The launches came a day after the North fired a daily record 23 missiles, including one that landed off the coast of South Korea for the first time, and drew swift condemnation from Washington, Seoul and Tokyo.

North Korea has also been seemingly in cahoots with a suddenly-desperate Kremlin, providing munitions to the Russian army in Ukraine after months of continued and consistent failure.