‘Not On My Watch’: Senator Takes on The View

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who recently announced his bid for the Republican presidential primary, has addressed racially charged attacks made against him on ABC’s talk show, “The View.” Scott, the first Black senator elected in the South since Reconstruction, responded by emphasizing the power of action to disprove such falsehoods.

During the discussion on “The View,” host Whoopi Goldberg suggested that Scott had “Clarence Thomas syndrome,” drawing a parallel to the conservative U.S. Supreme Court justice. Sunny Hostin, another co-host, claimed that Scott’s belief in individual success based on his personal journey from an impoverished Black family in the South made him think “everyone can make it.” Scott refuted Hostin’s assertion, stating that his story is not the exception but rather the rule.

In a conversation with Fox News host Trey Gowdy, Scott expressed his commitment to the principles of meekness and love, quoting Matthew 5:44. However, he also emphasized his belief in the Second Amendment, asserting that he would defend his home against intruders. Scott emphasized the need to disprove the lies propagated by the far left through actions, highlighting the importance of character over skin color.

Scott pointed out that America’s education system is in dire need of improvement. He argued that left-wing teachers unions are responsible for the failing public schools that hinder the education of American children. According to Scott, school choice is the solution, and he urged parents to look to the Republican Party for support, as it aligns with the majority of Americans, including African-Americans and Hispanic Americans, who advocate for school choice.

Host Trey Gowdy noted that Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor and co-host on “The View,” also achieved success in her career. Gowdy suggested that Scott’s ability to provoke such attacks from various angles indicates how he unnerves the left. Gowdy even mentioned criticism directed at Scott’s campaign logo, which depicts his likeness without facial features.

Scott responded to the criticisms by asserting that his life story disproves the lies propagated by the radical left. He criticized the culture of victimhood promoted by the left, emphasizing the importance of personal agency and the choice to rise above bitterness.

Scott’s campaign focuses on telling the complete story of America’s progress and rising above challenges. He aims to combat the divisive rhetoric that undermines the unity and soul of the nation.

Fox News