New York Wants To Pull Name From Park

Hello Folks. Today we’re discussing some real pressing issues- Donald J. Trump State Park in Westchester, New York. Yes, you heard that right—a park named after the man who stirs more controversy than a tax increase in a room full of millionaires.

So, why is this park named after Trump, who wasn’t even an elected official at the time? Simple: he provided the land. But now, the one-party state government seems to hate this park’s name more than anything. They’ve been trying to change it for years.

Back in 2019, State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal, a Democrat from Manhattan, proposed ditching Trump’s name from the park. He argued that keeping Trump’s name was contrary to the state parks’ mission of uplifting and unifying New Yorkers. The Senate passed the measure in 2021, but it hasn’t seen the light of day in the Assembly. A new version of the bill is out there, but with just four legislative days left in the session, it’s looking like an uphill battle.

Now, you might be wondering, with all the pressing issues in New York, why focus on the name of a park? Well, there are plenty of priorities for the Democrat assembly, like freeing more criminals, raising taxes, and welcoming more illegal aliens. But renaming this park seems to be the cherry on top.

And if they succeed, what will the new name be? Osama M. Bin Laden Park? Joseph J.J. Stalin Park? Or maybe Barack M. Obama Park? Your guess is as good as mine.

Locals around the area tend to be Republicans, but hey, who cares what they think, right? A fair number of park visitors probably voted for Trump, given that he drew more votes than President Biden in the surrounding districts during the 2020 election.

Senator Hoylman-Sigal believes recent events might spark renewed interest in changing the park’s name. “We hope the verdict primes the pump,” he said.

With all the little problems solved, it’s time to tackle the big ones—like the name of a political opponent on a park. And if they do rename it, why not go for something like Marcus Garvey Park, just like the one in Harlem?

Now, Marcus Garvey is a controversial figure himself. An early black nationalist, Garvey met with KKK leaders to undermine the NAACP. He even preferred the Klan over the NAACP, famously saying, “You may call me a Klansman if you will.” Garvey admired Hitler and Mussolini and claimed to have been the first fascist. He urged his followers to read Mein Kampf and declared, “What the Negro needs is a Hitler.”

“Hats off to Hitler the German Nazi,” cheered the national hero of Jamaica. New York is filled with schools and parks named after Marcus Garvey, and none of them are getting renamed anytime soon.

So, there you have it. In a state with countless pressing issues, the name of Donald J. Trump State Park remains a hot topic.