Obama Back for ’24?! Democrats Start Suggesting It

It appears to be a nearly foregone conclusion that incumbent President Joe Biden will be running for reelection in 2024, much to the dismay of the larger Democratic Party population.

Biden’s rather ineffectual presidency, (along with a perceived reluctance on the part of the President to address some of the more pressing issues that America faces), has made him a less-than-ideal candidate for a party who just barely squeaked out a win in 2020.

But insiders within the White House are suggesting that it’s just a matter of time before Biden makes his big announcement.  This is perhaps why a number of Democratic strategists and pundits are trying to lure the Obama family back into presidential politics.

Former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon said if not Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats could look to a past superstar to create a more viable ticket.

Among the names of possible contenders, former first lady Michelle Obama’s name was floated ahead of the last Democratic presidential primary, although she has repeatedly denied any interest in seeking office. At 59, and with her “it” factor (as McKinnon labels it) she could emerge as a top candidate and Democrats could look to push her to run. She has previously denied any desire to seek candidacy.

Mackinnon didn’t have high hopes, however.

“Are the chances of a superstar from the past becoming the 2024 nominee a pipe-dream? Most likely. But with the river of political denial threatening to wash away the Democrats’ chances in 2024, what else is a party to do?” he asked.

With no official announcement yet from Joe Biden, the only candidate currently running for the Democratic nomination is Marianne Williamson:  A failed 2020 candidate who rose to fame as a self-help author and is considered a long shot in the race.