Obama Takes Cheap Shot at President Trump Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Sometimes, politicians are stealthy.  Other times, they’re methodical and steady-handed.  Often, they’re subtle but sharp-tongued.

And then there are the times in which their rhetoric is more akin to a wooden baseball bat being thrown at a plate glass window. As we approach the 2020 election in earnest, it seems that more and more of the latter is on the menu.

Take, for instance, the latest anti-Trump tirade coming to us from former President Barack Obama’s camp, in which No. 44 takes No. 45 to task over the global coronavirus pandemic.

“You might not have been happy with everything I did, all my policy choices,” Obama said during an interview on the left-leaning “Pod Save America.”

“I didn’t eliminate poverty in America,” he continued. “But when we had a pandemic or the threat of pandemic, we had competent people in place who would deal with it.”

Obama, who is preparing to head back to the campaign trail on behalf of his former vice president, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with just weeks remaining until the Nov. 3 election, also compared Trump and Biden’s approaches to foreign policy, claiming Trump has never had the “patience” or “focus” to substantially affect international relations.

Obama’s time on the campaign trail will be focused on swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, given that President Trump’s only path to electoral victory will require at least one of those states, if not both, to land in his lap.