Oregon Football Fans Chant Religious Hate at BYU Players

In America today, there appears to be a rather significant turn away from organized religion, thanks in no small part to the troubling state of affairs of this planet, and the mainstream media’s embrace of atheistic ideologies.

Of course, Americans are lucky in this regard still.  We maintain the right to freely practice and express our own personal faith, and this is truly one of the greater gifts that liberty has afforded us.

But there are some out there who cannot and will not respect this, and football fans at the University of Oregon this week took their anti-religious fervor too far.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox slammed Oregon fans who were chanting “f— the Mormons” at a game between the Ducks and BYU on Saturday afternoon.

Cox quote-tweeted a video that showed Oregon students loudly chanting the phrase at the game.

The video below contains strong language.

The apologies were soon rolling in.

The virality of the video prompted the Oregon Pit Crew to issue an apology to BYU on Twitter. Brigham Young University is a private school in Provo, Utah, and is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“To all @BYUfootball fans in attendance at todays game we would like to apologize for the actions of the students in attendance. We do not condone or support any hateful speech directed towards one’s religion and are ashamed of those who participated,” their tweet read.

The school itself also apologized:

“The university apologizes for the despicable chants made by some University of Oregon fans at today’s football game with Brigham Young University,” a statement from the University of Oregon’s interim vice president for the Division of Student Life read. “There is no place for hate, bias or bigotry at the University of Oregon. These actions are simply unacceptable. We will investigate, and we call on our students and campus community to refuse to accept or tolerate this type of behavior.”

The vile display comes just weeks after a Duke University volleyball player accused BYU fans of employing racial slurs against her during a match between the two schools earlier this semester.

Upon further investigation, there was no evidence that such language was used, leading some to wonder if the claim was a case of mishearing something in a loud crowd, or a downright hoax.