Outrage: Documentary Goes Viral Despite Youtube Censorship!

In a recent turn of events, renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson found himself at the center of controversy as YouTube removed a video featuring him and author Helen Joyce discussing gender ideology. The platform cited a violation of its “hate speech policy” as the reason for taking down the video titled “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.” This incident further fuels the ongoing debate surrounding freedom of speech and the role of social media platforms in determining acceptable content.

Peterson took to Twitter to share the message he received from YouTube, expressing his disappointment and concern over the accusations. YouTube’s notification stated that the video violated their hate speech policy and emphasized the importance of creating a safe space for all users. Peterson called attention to the seriousness of the accusation, noting that being accused of hate speech can be considered a criminal offense in many jurisdictions.

The removal of Peterson’s video raises questions about the line between free speech and platform regulations. It is essential to strike a balance between maintaining a safe online environment and ensuring the free exchange of ideas. Peterson’s criticism of the decision highlights the growing frustration among individuals who feel silenced or unfairly labeled by platforms like YouTube.

Interestingly, Twitter CEO Elon Musk suggested that Peterson upload the banned video to Twitter, prompting the psychologist to follow suit. By sharing the video on Twitter, Peterson aimed to challenge viewers to “experience the evil truth” themselves, while also making a statement about YouTube’s censorship practices. The clip now has over 2.5 million views.

This incident comes in the wake of YouTube demonetizing Matt Walsh, a host from The Daily Wire, due to his content addressing gender ideology. The Daily Wire responded by moving all of Walsh’s daily show episodes to YouTube and began streaming podcasts from their top-ranked hosts on the platform. In a display of support for free speech, The Daily Wire also aired the documentary “What Is A Woman?” for free on Twitter, attracting over 180 million views.